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A young team of developers realized the needs for Data Integration and Analytics to fill the market gap. Now their creation provides reliable services and easier life for companies all over the world. We create value through our vast portfolio of IT services delivered by highly skilled and experienced consultants. Our services include business application implementations, integrations, software product engineering, cloud services and technology advisory. Regardless of whether it’s an in-your-face mechanical issue or advertising difficulties for existing item, we at YDP examine and give arrangements by partitioning the issue into different littler pieces and settling each piece with a structured approach. We've served clients with various market nearness, scale and tasks. We extend ourselves to charm our clients by conveying forefront arrangements with standout client involvement with its center. .

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We know that our employees and their teamwork are the key values to our success. Not only the qualification of each employee is important, but also the ability to work together and focus on the target. To achieve that, we constantly INVEST in the education of our employees and offer an international working climate, where new ideas and views are always welcome and appreciated. Our consultants have a profound know-how in the environment that we offer - combined with specialized knowledge from different industries - the best conditions for an ideal solution.

Quality of Service

YDP is known for its quality services provided for various clients across various domains. In order to maintain the same level of satisfaction with our existing and future customers, we do follow certain standard guidelines; a few of them are listed below:
-Highly skilled and expert dedicated resources on turnkey projects.
-Adherence to the Clients’ IT Strategy
-Priority processing of Clients’ Technical Support Requests
-Performance appraisal of each key task performed by respective teams
-Feedback from all our valuable


Wherever you operate, whatever issues you need to discuss, you can contact the team 24/7/365. No exceptions.

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Vision and Mission

Our company mission is to serve as a compass as we navigate through market challenges to achieve our common goal of “post-trade made easy”. We support an open marketplace where scale and connectivity across the spectrum of market participants are competitive strengths.
We have the financial discipline of a ‘for profit’ entity and the commitment to support market stability, deliver shared economies of scale and develop markets locally and globally. We serve the public/our clients good by ensuring the efficiency of markets and actively enabling the reduction of risk.
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